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All other browsers have a “open bookmarks” icon. You have a superb place next to the “open homepage” and “reload page” icons to add such a button. I dont like to have “show bookmarks” activated and have millions of icons at the top, and without that if i choose to not have bookmarks icons up there i have to go through menues to access my bookmarks. The bookmarks icons when we choose to show them is not good when you have hundreds of bookmarks, and its not clean at the top. Firefox/IE/chrome has 2 small icons (buttons) at the top where one is for adding a bookmark and the other is for opening a narrow quick window with all your bookmarks in. So click icon to open the bookmark window that holds all your bookmarks, and then click the bookmark and you are taken to the website. The bookmark window closes automatically as you click the bookmark. It is an overlaid window on top of the browser. It doesnt take you to menus.

So could you please add a small icon at the top next to the other icons that opens a bookmark window? Not like it is now to either go into menus or clutter the top with bookmark icons. I tried to upload a file (an image) to show what i mean but i get no confirmation anywhere that the file was added.

Thank you.

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