Open a link from the sidebare in a new tab


First of all congratulations and thanks for the browser that I adopted a few days ago with pleasure.

I would like to know if it is possible to add a new functionality (which seems simple to me): to be able to open the links of the sidebar in a new tab. That would be perfect.


I have same feature request.

Right now, it is not possible.

You can also use Ctrl+T to create a new tab ans subsequently open a website via sidebar.

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One can middle-click or Ctrl-click to have these sites open in a new tab, also.


You actually solved not only OP’s query but mine too. Ctrl+click actually works.

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We should not have to Ctrl+click - it’s a pain otherwise as if you forget you type over open tabs. Yes please Brave please implement asap. This sidebar does not make sense otherwise. Thanks.

Till then, one has to click top bar then click left bar - like really?

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PS. Ctrl + click does add that tab tab top of page but you still have to go and open it - so not an answer. Tab needs to open automatically to be ready to read/use. So this is only half a fix till fixed.