Open 2 separate windows with different start pages

Is it possible to open 2 separate windows with different start pages when I open Brave?

Thanks for reaching out!
Unfortunately, there is no way to do this in Brave as it is.

Off the top of my head, a workaround you could try might be setting Brave to open-up to a specific set of pages – that way at the very least, each window would hold the sites you’re looking for (just not only that site)?

That appears to open tabs in one window.

I used to do this using Chrome and Slimjet in Windows and Linux using command line switches in batch files/scripts. In MacOS, I tried it tonight on Brave with mixed results.

For Windows, here’s the basic idea (lines in a batch file - not sure I have the program name right):
start Brave_Browser --new-window --window-title=“Window 1” --window-position=“0,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “” “” [list of URLs]
start Brave_Browser --new-window --window-title=“Window 2” --window-position=“640,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “” “” [list of URLs]

Same in Linux bash script with suitable command change but same switches.

In Mac, I’ve tried the following with mixed results at the command line. I’ve not tried in a script.
open -a Brave\ Browser --args --new-window --window-position=“0,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “” [URL list] | open -a Brave\ Browser --new-window --window-position=“640,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “” [URL list]

That yields two windows with the two pages, but the positions aren’t recognized, though the sizes are. I’m guessing that using a bash script in MacOS with separate lines instead of pipe on a single line would have better results but am too tired to try tonight.

I also tried the following with better results as to window content/size, but with parts of Brave related to BAT and security not loading properly, or at least throwing error messages:
.//Applications/Brave\\ Browser --new-window --window-title=“General News” --window-position=“0,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “” | .//Applications/Brave\\ Browser --new-window --window-title=“Tech News” --window-position=“640,0” --window-size=“1100,900” “

Again, maybe better results in a bash script with two lines, but my KungFu in this regime is weak.

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