Oops , something is wrong please try again later unable to claim bat i didn't received my last month bat please help

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I have to earn minimum 2 bat for creating uphold account
I cleared safety net (success )

If you cleared Safety net test then you should be able to claim. May be try to claim from brave://rewards.

We believe there may have been another issues with the claim captcha that we’re working on presently. Hope to have more information soon.

@Highx please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID so I can take a closer look. Thanks.


Thanks to all of u for replying

I just opened brave rewards
From there i was able to collect thanks


2 BAT limit is there when you try to create and verify Uphold account from within Brave Rewards. Uphold account can be independently created and KYCed/verified for which there is no minimum requirement. Once verified, it will connect with Brave Rewards just like that.

And OP was about Captcha error and not connecting with Uphold :grin:.

LOL well, I certainly spaced on that one! :crazy_face:

I didn’t know that. I thought you had to have a 2 BAT minimum regardless. Thanks for info!

P.S. Now I’m gonna go edit my post above to get rid of the nonsense. :wink:


I had the same issue and never received the BAT for April 2022, but I have mine attached to Gemini and it usually just goes in automatically. Will the April Rewards still come in this month? I love collecting the BAT! Thank you :slight_smile:

Faced the same issue few days ago. Still didn’t receive the BATs for this month…
How to solve this error ?
Wallet Payment ID - c5542d13-8997-4e00-b9c7-d3caaa2e1c56

Same issue! I have passed safetynet test.

@Mattches I’m facing the same issue, what should I do?

@Highx Was the issue solved??

@steeven @Mattches Any update? We are waiting for rewards.

This is part of an ongoing issue that the team is addressing presently. Thank you for your pateince.


Faced the same issue few days ago. Still didn’t receive the BATs for this month…
How to solve this error ?

Id [personal data removed by support]

Claim now reappeared today in my browser, I clicked on that but again same error came on my screen and it disappeared.

@Techy Were you able to successfully claim a payout in this month previously? Or none of the claims were successful?

@Techy thank you for the update, we’re still working through this particular issue and hope to have it resolved soon. When it is, its likely that you will receive another option to claim again as normal but it will actually work :slight_smile:

Really appreciate everyone’s patience here, I know it’s frustrating but we are working hard to ensure everything goes through smoothly.


We’ve implemented a couple of things that should help — can anyone here check and see if they have a new claim notification/captcha and test to see if it works properly?

I received rewards today in my unverified wallet. This time I didn’t saw claim now. The amount automatically got credited in my unverified wallet.