Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later. Brave Rewards is having an issue. Please try again later

Thanks all, I’ve received a few of your DM’s. Before sending please confirm that you’re on the latest Brave version - 1.41.88. A few of the DM’s I’ve received are from older Brave versions. Thanks.

Thanks Steeven you are the best sent you DM
you do a lot of work for us

Hello i am on the latest Brave version - 1.42.88 but can not get reward too.

Hi, where do I find my Wallet ID?

Unverified Rewards wallets:

  • No claim button received in Release (2 profiles):
    Android 9 and android 10
    Version: 1.41.100
  • Beta (1 profile) - Received claim buttons received - Both received “Oops” error:
    Android 9
    Version: 1.43.58
  • No claim button received in Nightly (2 profiles):
    Android 10
    Version: 1.42.1, 1.44.26
  • Beta (1 profile) - No claim button received:
    Android 10
    Version: 1.43.58


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After the error here I lost my ransom and I got a message

  • Congratulations! Your July rewards have arrived!
  • v1.42.88 (Aug 6th, 2022)

me too get same issue

Yes, even my 2 unlinked profiles gave me that error, same behavior with the “Oops” banner. @Mattches @steeven kindly look into this, I was thinking to open a ticket help but with all the users complaining about this issue perhaps you should plan a global fix.

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thanks @Kokokapaku analyzing brave://rewards-internals/ I saw

Status: Attested
Amount: 0.25 BAT
Type: Ads
Expires at: 0
Legacy promotion: No
Version: 5

I found the topic with a related problem


please @Mattches and @steeven what does the state mean
Status: Attested

Thank you so much


Also having this problem after click claim button in all of my devices.

We need a global fix.

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The same problem. I got nothing. On desktop and Android. There’s no aby BATS, but i claimed

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same issues in two computer so how to solve this issues and please reply me

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I had unverified wallet and the same happened for me :(.


Same issue. The browser still shows “July rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out! Check status” but does not provide the Claim button anymore.

Sending DM.

Hey @steeven @Mattches any update?

I got this error


Same error here after drag the triangle and it’s not appearing anymore.

@steeven @Mattches @Evan123
Can you comment on this situation?
Every month there are problems with the payment of earnings.


Hi all, we are currently reviewing they info that has been sent in. Thanks for your patience.

@Shayan786 @g00z @Abhinav9631 @Lucc @famgz @Flamengo @1Siger1 @atulchaudhary @Druhzan was your wallet errored when attempting to claim at any time verified with Gemini?