Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later. Brave Rewards is having an issue. Please try again later

Oops, something is wrong. Please try again later.
Brave Rewards is having an issue. Please try again later.

This happens on all 3 computers I have. After that the button disappears and tokens are not counted.


same issue… @Mattches @steeven

Kindly look into this

I have the same problem and don’t know why?

same problem here please give us a solution @Mattches or @steeven .
thank you.

same issue and claim also disappeared after Oops something went wrong message
same happens with another profile and also android phone both using latest version
@Mattches @steeven

same issues… now it doesn’t show the clam button anymore

Same problem here


Same Issue Here, @steeven please solve this issue

seem problem here
@Mattches @steeven

same problem ATM in my pc. :raising_hand_man:
but I still managed to claim in my phone earlier today.

How you managed to claim in phone

same problem, @Mattches and @steeven .

Go to Brave rewards and you will have a Claim button.
Mobile phones with version 1.41 are working fine. The trouble is with the desktops running version 1.42

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Ditto per “Oops” message after clicking claim button and solving captcha:

Unverified Rewards wallets:

  1. Received claim buttons in Release (2 profiles) - 1 successful; 1 “Oops” error
  2. Received claim buttons in Nightly (2 profiles) - Both received “Oops” error
  3. Beta (1 profile) - No claim button received.
Brave 1.42.86 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 5b7b76419d50f583022568b6764b630f6ddc9208-refs/branch-heads/5112@{#1309}
OS Windows 10 Version 21H1 (Build 19043.1826)

Beta Version 1.43.58 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
Nightly Version 1.44.26 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)
(version as of today 08/06/22; issue occurred 08/05/22)

im also having that problem

Could this be related?

[06 Aug 2022, 7:37:50.8 pm:ERROR:credentials_promotion.cc(406)] UnBlindTokens: Unblinded creds size does not match signed creds sent in!
[06 Aug 2022, 7:37:50.9 pm:ERROR:promotion.cc(515)] Credentials process not succeeded LEDGER_ERROR

I too faced the same issue please look into this @steeven

Hi all, thanks for reporting. Please DM me the Wallet ID, Brave version and OS that you’re attempting to claim on. Thank you.


Hi steeven, same problem here, I sent DM.

Hi @steeven same problem I sent you DM

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