Only small portion of rewards balance deposits

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Description of the issue:
I had been using Brave for Android for a while when I suddenly stopped around a year and a half ago. I don’t remember the reason. But at the time my desktop Brave browser was linked to my Uphold wallet and I’m fairly sure my Brave for Android was as well. I never deleted the installation from my Android device, I simply stopped using it for some time.

Fast forward to January/February of 2021 and I started using Brave for Android as my preferred browser again. I continued to have ads enabled and began earning BAT again. At my first rewards payout date since returning to using Brave, I clicked the button to claim my rewards only to face an infinitely spinning progress circle. Here is where I realized that my browser was no longer linked to my Uphold account. Instead of depositing to my Uphold wallet, it deposited the BAT in an unverified wallet with the new minimum 25 BAT to verify/withdraw.

So I’ve just continued using Brave for Android hoping that the next month it will deposit the full balance. It has not. I still held out hope that maybe reaching the 25 BAT would magically resolve this. Since my May 5 payout, it has not.

At the end of April I was showing a pending Rewards balance of 12.xx BAT. On May 5, when my rewards were ready to claim I again clicked the button, it spun indefinitely again until I gave up and put my phone down to lock. Later, I navigated to my Rewards and my wallet showed that it deposited the 2.xx out 12.xx rewards I’d showed pending. Fortunately, this did put me over the 25 BAT minimum, but it did nothing for my pending rewards.

Attached below is a screenshot I took in the evening of May 5, 2021 that shows a still pending balance of 10.749 BAT.

I would very much like to have the rewards I’ve earned deposited into my wallet.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Carrying a balance of 10.xx BAT after claiming prior months rewards
  2. As month goes on continue to accrue between 2 -5 BAT in addition to the
    10.xx balance that did not get deposited.
  3. Upon the month closing my “Estimated pending Rewards” will be be accurate.
    However, when rewards are available to claim and the button is clicked the icon spins
    indefinitely never offering me either success or failure for the request. Checking my
    wallet after, though, I’ll see whatever I earned from the previous month, but never the
    10.xx balance I’ve been carrying.

Expected result:
Entire “Estimated pending Rewards” balance should be deposited into wallet

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave for Android v1.23.76

Mobile Device details
Google Pixel 3a
Android v11

Additional Information:
In Brave for Android settings I have not seen that it’s possible to link my Uphold wallet again. I also tried relinking my desktop Brave browser to my Uphold wallet, but the action failed.

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