Only receiving .25 bat tokens for last 3 months

for last three months i had received only .25 bat tokens even when my estimated bat tokens were .5 and .75 for last two months first as a new user i thought that was normal but on this forum lots of people had the same issue so i was hoping i also can get some help in this regard.

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@H3XNAN3 That shouldn’t be happening on a monthly basis. While true that it can happen on occasion when ads aren’t able to be reconciled, that’s usually small amounts. Just to clarify on reconcile, any ads that you see in the last few days or so often are unable to process through the system in time to generate a payment for you, so it “rolls forward” into the next month’s estimated earnings.

As to the amount you earn, that varies so greatly based on region. If you’re in a place like United States, Australia, etc then there often are lots of ads. You can try to check what ads are available in your region, how many times you can see them, and what they pay by visiting

As to anything else, I would reference you to a FAQ I wrote not long ago. It helps provide basic things on what can cause issues with seeing ads or receiving payments, etc. It also advises who to contact if you do have constant problems. If you are seeing that your BAT is vanishing rather than going forward, I’d suggest to make sure Auto Contribution is turned off in Brave Rewards settings. If it is and it just seems to “disappear” for no reason, definitely contact Brave staff directly at it informs you to in the FAQ.

FAQ is at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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well that is happening on monthly basis for me i have auto contribution turned off (from 3 months now) but still cant get full payout. how can i contact them directly kindly guide me

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I too have been facing the same issue since the last three months. I have a BAT token balance of more than 1.5 BAT, but I get only .25 BAT credited to my wallet. The remaining tokens just get rolled over. I’m not sure why this is happening. Is there anyone who can help me with this?

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