Only received 0.500 BAT, should receive 1.975

Hello all!

First of all, let me say I love Brave.

That said, I was prompted to do the “I’m human” captcha to receive my monthly rewards, and it only gave me 0.500 BAT instead of my I 1.975 gathered this month.

How should I proceed?
I’m not verified yet, 'cause I don’t have the 15 BATs needed.

Screenshots of my monthly earning and my received rewards:




That same problem happens to me, I should have received 2.100 bat and received 0.250


I think it is general.
Hopefully correct the problem.
I managed to get 6.5 Bat between promo images and drop-down notices and the pay was 0.50 Bat, this does not correspond no matter how corrective they are applied to the balance, if they are deducting the amount of last month from the balance of the browser.

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Same for me.
After I received 1.00 bat for June instead of an estimated 2.22 bat today, the next payment date has changed to Aug 8

brave 2
I Hope Brave resolves the issue soon.

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same goes here with me. it happens since last month. last month i should get 0.895 BAT but only received 0.750 BAT instead. This month i should be receiving 0,862 BAT but only got paid 0.500BAT.

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From what I see the problem is general, we have to wait to see what happens or what they tell us, because it is strange that this happens, we have patience, since they are still paying

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Same happened to me… They are paying but not for free …!! Remember that…!!! You are not receiving a donation bro…!!! They are doing business…!!


Same here. And if I calculate the total of all months I received BATs, it should be much higher than indicated. How is that possible?

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Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from tips. Please see this thread for updates - Monthly Ads Payout Status Update. Please do not send a DM with your information until after payments have finished processing.

Thank you for your patience!

Good evening, a warm greeting to all the brave team and your community. I have the same problem that other users had agreed for this month a reward of 1 bat but I only received 0.250 bat. I want to know what the problem is I hope they have a prompt solution and we do not end up disappointed with half payment

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Thnx for your reply, but this doesn’t concern BAT received from tips. My question was about BAT received from watching ads. According to the monthly-activity I should have had 9.750 BAT (if you calculate all months), but it says that I only have 4.750.

@Oeil can you DM me your wallet id? Thank you.

Don’t have wallet yet, not enough BAT’s.

my problem is still left unatended too.

received 0.5 bat on july instead of 1.975

I wonder if this will happen again in august and I’ll receive only 0,5 instead of the 3,938 I have so far + what I’ll gather through the month.

this really has been a bucket of cold water. still, I insist on brave. but I don’t know if I will if in august I don’t get my BAT.

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