Only received 0.25 bat

I only received 0.25 bat when i had over 1 from october, just a clarification on what happenee?


Same problem here…0.25 instead of 6…

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Same, only 0.25 ever.

They send me again 0.25 bats( 2 payments of 0.25)…but i want all my 6.5 bats​:worried::worried:

Oh I received the same amount 0.25 instead of 4.8!!! ( which is matching the use of brave on my cell phone, not on my PC that I use the most. Both are linked but I only received this poor 0.25, unbelievable…).

And now same problem, waiting for my 1.6 bat…I really hope it is in the work.

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This is all I received too, for both September and October, exactly 0.25 BAT. This is ridiculous.

did you get any updates?

same here received 0.25 bat instead 10 bat and no second payments to Uphold

Maybe because it is only an “estimate” of earnings. They estimated 10 BAT but you got only 0.25, like me.

Well, I’m out. Uninstalling Brave on all platforms. 29-cents a month is not near enough to entice me to use a sub-standard browser. Nobody from Brave will communicate about all the missing and unpaid BAT.

There are many good browsers that do not track you that function better. All modern browsers block ads or have extensions that do. Try LibreWolf browser.

well, I didn’t even received 0.25 :roll_eyes:

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