Only getting brave ads at 2 in the morning

is it normal that i only get brave ad at 2 in the morning? and not when im actually browsing the most, kinda seems odd to show ads when im the least likely to see it

Here is the ads catalog at like 3 in the morning:

And here the ads catalog during the day:

Im from Switzerland and it is listed in the transparency page the transparency page

Hi @supositware this is a really good question. So let me tell you a little bit more about how the ad server works. Unlike traditional ad systems, Brave Ads does not make a call out to our server to request what ads should be seen. It does something more private. That is, it downloads a catalog of available ads and then the client figures out what to show you. Many advertisers place limits on the number of ads they want shown a day. To accomplish this, the ad server will take the ads out of the catalog when they have reached their limit. These limits usually reset at 0UTC, which I’m going to guess is about 2 your time.

This will become less of a problem as we add more campaigns to the system, which we are actively doing over the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for the answer, but wouldn’t it be logical to show the ads during the day? Otherwise nobody will see them or is it that i get them at 2 in the morning because of the reset and reach that limit around that time which would explain why i don’t see any during the day?