Only 2 ads this month

why did I only receive 2 ads this month?

@Michele1995 nobody can answer, especially when you choose not to complete the template that asks you things like if you’re connected to a custodial partner, which OS you’re using, which version of Brave, etc. All of those play key roles in everything.

You likely saw more ads. Not sure why you say only 2. If really was just 2 seen, it means your settings likely have disabled them. Even if flagged and unable to earn, you would still see more ads.

If you’re going by ads you’re getting paid for, then there’s a lot of things that play a factor.

this is my situation. what do I need to change in the settings?

@Michele1995 Answer the following:

  • Are you connected to Uphold or Gemini via Brave Rewards?

  • Are you using a VPN or proxy?

  • Is your Rewards country the country you’re living in? (you can look at brave://rewards-internals to see what they show for Rewards Country)

  • What version of Brave are you using?

  • Which MacOS are you using?

I asked about VPN and proxy. I’m seeing you only responded on VPN. I just want to point out that ads get shown based on our IP address. If that doesn’t match our Rewards country and/or our Locale info on our devices, then we don’t earn BAT. That might mean it wouldn’t show in your Rewards area like in the screenshot. So I just want to be clear on that just in case.

Beyond that, did you recently receive your Rewards payment?

I don’t use VPN and proxy.
yes, I received the last payment on uphold on October 4th.

Okay, so it seems you may not be flagged. It might just be that there aren’t many ads in your area. You can always check how many ad campaigns are around you. But if you check the link, you must also look to see what OS they are showing for, the maximum amount of times you can see them, etc. will have that information.

Thing is, for notifications you have to make sure your OS is allowing for notifications from Brave and you have nothing stopping it. Like if you have a Focus Assist setting on your Mac turned on like Gaming, Work, Do Not Disturb, etc then it might disable notifications from showing.

If you look at your other though, you should also see ads on new tab. You would want to try to have your New Tab Page to show as your Dashboard and make sure you have New Tab Page (Sponsored Image) ads enabled in your dashboard settings: (you can see it on the bottom of the screenshot below, so it would be in the background images portion)

Doing this means when you open Brave or create a new tab, you should see something like below:

Every once in a while, the background will be an ad, such as you see in the screenshot above. Otherwise it will be random pictures and all. So idea that you have 0 of those suggests you may not have this active.

the function you just described is also active, but even though I open new tabs, a background that could be an ad never appears. I don’t have any notification settings enabled on my mac.

also try brave news for ads if you want to earn bats

It happens that I’m using self hosted VPN on my home server to connect to my home network. I understand that I might have been flagged. Is this permanent?

@resample Let me hit on a few things:

  1. VPN alone isn’t enough to get you flagged. But if you are indeed using VPN to appear in other countries, especially on a regular basis, this would be a violation of Terms and could get you flagged.

  2. I see you mention that you might have been flagged. How are you coming to this conclusion? Typically you can only tell because you don’t receive payments or as you get a message while trying to reconnect to Uphold/Gemini or whatever every like 90-12 days and reconnect to Uphold or Gemini

  3. Flagged accounts are only permanent if they investigate and believe you have abused the system and/or committed fraud. If you’re given the notice in your browser, it will say nothing more needs to be done. While supposedly true, if you leave it alone you’ll likely remain flagged for well over a year. Your best solution when you know you’re flagged is to create a Rewards Support Ticket at and someone from Brave will investigate.

In investigating flagged accounts, you’ll often receive generic looking emails that will tell you one of four things:

  1. They need more information from you
  2. Your account will be reinstated. You’ll receive payment in the next payout period
  3. Your account will not be reinstated; however, they will automatically review it again next month. (In other words, they want time to look into things a bit deeper, but chances are you’re permanently flagged…though chance they might reinstate)
  4. Your account will not be reinstated (in other words, it’s permanently flagged/suspended)

And if flagged, they’ll never explain why. Just to make sure I’m clear on that. Don’t expect any big messages or anything. They’ll be short and to the point. Also to reiterate, it will be very generic messaging received where people sometimes think it’s sent by automatic system. But it’s just that they have a lot to do so they just investigate, choose an action, and the system responds. So if you get a reply with a decision, it was reviewed by a person.

Payments go through as normal, my account is operating as normal.

VPN I use is self hosted one and I don’t use it for geolocation purposes. IP address is still the same as when not running VPN.

I used to receive ads regularly until about end of last month. It was about the same time I started using VPN. Therefore I assumed that ads were stopped due to this.

I understand there might be some other reasons why there is no ads available.

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