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I tried Brave this morning but like others on here I was unable to import bookmarks or history, although it sounds like at least they had partial success. Not so in my case.

Sorry, but without the ability to import bookmarks, history, and passwords, it’s a complete nonstarter. I have thousands of saved bookmarks and thousands of sites in my history that I need to access (passwords — meh). Without those, there’s zero chance I’ll switch to Brave. Don’t get me wrong, I completely support what you’re trying to do. Honestly, this is such a key element of consumer conversion, I’m a bit surprised this wasn’t fully solved prior to launch. But I digress.

In my case, I’m not even offered an option to import them. I’m attempting to import from FireFox’s cooler cousin, Comodo IceDragon — which, as I understand it, has the same basic framework as FF. In the installation phase, Brave offers to import from IE (which I only use when some stupid site can’t use FF), Chrome (which I only installed because of DirecTV), and an HTML file. Brave doesn’t even see IceDragon nor the FF browser, which I kept in case didn’t like ID. Both of them aren’t even an option. It’s like Brave doesn’t think they exist.

Is there a way to force Brave to find the appropriate folders? Perhaps the way one does with “open with…” in the options menu when right-clicking on a file Windows isn’t sure what to do with?

I am on Windows 7, 64 bit system. Plenty of RAM and all the fixin’s. Let me know what else I can offer that might help fix this.

Bookmarks cannot be imported

Are you not seeing Firefox option in the drop down of import modal?
This is what it should look like

Did you by any chance re-install Firefox after you installed Brave? Which version of Brave do you have? You can get more details of brave from about:brave


Hi Sriram,

No, I don’t see an option for Icedragon, Firefox – nor even Opera, which I didn’t mention yesterday because I only use that for a couple of games that don’t do well with ID/FF. Here’s what I see:

As you can see, neither ID/FF (or Opera) are showing. I did not re-install any of the browsers after installing Brave. I closed out of any other browser to ensure Brave could retrieve whatever it needed.

Here are the details from about:brave…

Update Channel……Release
OS Platform……Microsoft Windows
OS Release……6.1.7601
OS Architecture……x64

Bookmarks cannot be imported

seriously? nobody thought to use the ‘bookmarks html file’ choice? export the bookmarks from old browser as html, done…

i assume it will work (never tried it), but even if it doesnt, whatever the old browser exports can be used in some form, or whatever is stored in the browser’s profile folder could be used… bookmarks are simply a set of text items, in any browser there is a way even if someone has to code a custom parser to convert one format to another

( by the way )


Thank you for the sarcasm, that always helps when troubleshooting. I did try that and it only allows Favorites/bookmarks but history, cookies, and saved passwords are not allowed to be imported (not just grayed out but disabled).

My whole point in raising this issue is so developers can address the import from other browsers besides the standard ones — and to make doing so easy. Applying your logic, anyone can build a car. But it’s a lot easier to buy one that’s already assembled from the dealer.


+1 from Bookmarks cannot be imported


This is exactly what i’m talking about. The idiotic responses, especially from someone giving a solution that they have not even tried.

Obviously i’m not seeing the import from FF option or I would not be posting about the issue. Your screen shot is exactly what I posted about. You have the option for FF so that must mean we all have. Sorry, not sorry…I do not have the firefox option. I am using the latest version of FF (57) and the latest version of Brave. The option to import from FF is simply not there.
No I did not uninstall or re-install FF. Yes, I tried import from html and it’s a jumbled mess. All of this has already been written about in my original post. DO you guys not read the post? Just slap a screen shot in a reply and call it done?

Brave 0.19.105
rev 51f8ba5
Muon 4.5.16
libchromiumcontent 62.0.3202.94
V8 6.2.414.42
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel Release
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
OS Release 10.0.16299
OS Architecture x64

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