OneTab Extension


Thank you for the amazing work that you guys did!

Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of opening way too many tabs. Until I can get OneTab integrated, I may have to return to Chrome.

Better yet, I may take some time on the weekend to make a pull request if this is not already high on your priority list.



Hi @jchoi,

OneTab is already requested and listed here. You can track the progress there.

Thank you,

opened #4


I suggest making this as a built ind feature instead of a plugin…


I requested the same here yesterday, though using the example of another ‘tab manager’ called TABLI (Chrome extension). (As of this writing I don’t see my post here.)

Is there at the current time ANY tab manager extension for BRAVE?

This is the most needed extension of any for me. Although I like BRAVE so far, my use of it will be limited as long as I have to hunt for tabs rather than being able to see & navigate to them within a few seconds.


> suggest making this as a built ind feature instead of a plugin

Agree that would be the best solution.


I use OneTab for quick tab storage, but TABLI (CHROME extension) is better for quickly locating & navigating to tabs.

In my view, the latter is more important. Tab ‘storage/retrieval’ is just a variation on bookmarks, whereas being able to quickly locate a tab without opening window after window is much more important for staying sane.

The apparent lack of even one tab manager that offers this (in fact, there currently seem to be no tab manager extensions at all) will severely limit my use of BRAVE.