One time withdrawal for existing uphold users

Since we are disconnecting the brave rewards for unverified users.
we should at-least give a one time settlement option for users with existing uphold account.

I respect the decision to disable brave rewards after X day after informing the users.

But, users who have been using brave rewards and had a uphold account should be given a chance to withdraw.

Further, I see India is one of the country to be onboarded to uphold in near future. Then it won’t make sense to take away all the Brave and then allow them to connect.

This will purely look like a scam that to take away the earned BATs and then provide them the feature again.

Please consider on one time settlement before launching new brave versions.

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Further, I remember we have received onetime settlement in the past for a bug which was causing the ads to be rolled over. If Brave community genuine. I believe they will provide a way to withdraw for the existing uphold users.

@ Saoiray

@Saoiray Please look into the above thread.

Second that request. As a German user, my collected BAT will be lost soon. I’ve BAT pending on my reward channels as well since becoming an ‘unverified creator.’ This whole issue has been handled inappropriately and will result in considerable loss of trust among BAT users and the community.

Brave is offering this chance. Otherwise vBAT would be going away here in February. They are extending to at least April in order to try to get countries added again and allow the withdrawal of any earned vBAT.

Can already connect. The only ones who can’t are places where Uphold is refusing to allow the connection to Brave. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty big list. Almost all countries at aren’t allowed to link to Brave, with a few minor exceptions. These are all primarily limited because of government regulations and/or sanctions, though a couple were due to excessive fraud.

Not sure, India is still restricted and can’t create new accounts with Uphold. If you hadn’t seen it though, Brave is working on a new partner that they hope to have in place before vBAT ends. This would allow those from India to turn vBAT to BAT and access funds. I’m sure this new partner might be able to give access to other countries as well, but the only one particularly mentioned has been India, as this is a country Brave has been working hard to add as a priority for more than 6 months now.

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Keep in mind Brave can’t do anything if there’s no custodial partner to accept everything. KYC/AML is extremely important. And just in case you’re wanting to ask, here’s little more on that below:

I support the decision that they are allowing to withdraw till April.

But, Why can’t we allow to keep the vBATs until the country is onboarded again?
I am okay if you stop us to earn more BATs. If any country is added post April, it doesn’t make sense to take away the BATs and allow the country again?

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