One missing Badge


It might be silly feedback. :smiley:

Under the badges tab of user panel, I saw only two badges although I received three.


One badge for Editor which I received first is missing.
Is this a bug or something?


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Hi @CyberJunior.

I do NOT think it is silly. :blush:
I see that you have completed the 'new user tutorial' - that was really helpful for me.
I also check on my badges - the system of it is in place for a reason I think, it does measure my progress. Especially since I too am a junior in digital matters.

I don’t think I have an actual answer to your specific query. Just my experience. Sometimes, before I have logged out of my account a badge is missing. Then when I log in again the badges are all there, plus the new ones I have been given.

I hope by the time you read this post that your β€˜Editor’ badge is back again.
Or, that staff or an advanced community member has investigated your query.


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