One desktop brave browser doesn't respond if there're 2 of them opened

When I open 2 brave-browsers using Ctrl+N then sites in one of them stops responding and just don’t scroll as intended.

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how much ur ram system?

I have 8GB of ram but isn’t that enough?

yes, is nice. i dont know then, i try do it and all work 4gb ram.
begin i think what is no have ram and freez.

if u push shift+esc what u see?

could you also try to disable all extension and hardware acceleration

disable acceleration all work. i not have ext only google translate.

what u use wm or de?

what is wm de mean? :slight_smile:

wm = window manager
de = desktop environment

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I am using Gnome on centos :slight_smile:

That would be a de then… something like blackbox or xfce would be wm’s…

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i think gnome and kde are the most used in linux world

That would be correct

also use gnome, what show if run brave trough terminal also can look $top when u do it?

openbox very nice for desktop linux

could you explain more what you trying to achive

and have a nice day

i want understand why so

could be something related to the driver

Actually XFCE is a DE

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