On windows 7, still no rewards for watching ads


I just intalled the Beta version and it seems like I still don’t have access to the ads viewing feature. I enabled it in my settings but there are still no ads appearing… and of course no rewards.
Didn’t work on the dev version either.

Hello Moutezz, Brave Ads isn’t supported on Windows 7, as Windows 7 doesn’t have the system notifications required for Brave Ads.

As much as we love Windows 7, it’s worth noting that Microsoft will be officially ending all support (incl. extended) for Windows 7 as of 2020. It may be worth updating your OS in the near future!


Ok I’m now on windows 10, still no ads.
I’m in France.
I put focus assist on off, selected 5 ads per hour in settings.
Anything I’m missing ?
I saw you mentioning that you have to enable notifications. Where is that ?

How long have you waited/browsed so far without ads?

5 ads per hour in settings.

Please note it is not “5 ads per hour”. It is up to 5 ads per hour, which could mean 0 if the algorithm doesn’t feel there is a match, or there was never a good time to deliver an ad to you!

Focus Assist settings are the notifications settings, so you should be okay there.

There does exist a bug where ads do not show up, but that usually happens over time. If you are on a fresh install, it should work :). Keep us updated.

About two hours.
Is there anything to change in the brave shields settings ?

you sure? I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise and Ads are working fine from my side…

There are still no ads.

In one of our new releases, ads are working on Windows 7. However, you need to make sure your Win 7 installation is updated with the latest service packs, etc.

Are you serious ?
You made me download windows 10 for nothing then ?This is ridiculous !
Ok, can you at least now answer me about what I asked ?
Why is this not working now ???
You’ve been of exactly zero help until now, quite the contrary actually.
Getting really pissed as you can guess,

And still no answer, no help !

I have this in my settings :

" An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: 0x80040154 – system level).

Learn more

Version 0.63.29 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)"

You really should calm down. No point in getting pissed off over a browser you are using in beta.

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I’m sorry, who are you again ? I don’t recall anyone asking for your opinion here.
So I should be happy because I spent a day installing windows 10 and now find out that it wasn’t necessary ? I should be happy because I asked a simple question, a question I’m sure I’m not the only one asking about, and still didn’t get a proper answer 5 days later ?
This just proves how amateurish this project is. You wanna be a top browser ? Get a decent support who can answer simple questions like mine. The windows 7 bug has been going on for months now and you still haven’t figured out what’s going on.
I guess I’ll try to find an answer on twitter, reddit or other social networks but trust me I’ll make sure to let people know what a great support I received here.

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