On vimeo video hosting there are problems with viewing in full screen mode

3 buttons to control the device are not hidden

the video scroll bar is hidden under the bottom area of ​​the screen

Brave 1.32.115
device Samsung M21

Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you confirm that this only happens in landscape mode on your device?

in portrait mode, the picture is even, but the control bar is not hidden

Do you have fingerprinting protection enabled at this time? If so, can you try disabling it in the Shields panel for the site and tell me if this changes anything?

turned off the fingerprint in the security settings of the device (if I understood correctly), there are no changes.

Sample video causing issue? does it occur on every vimeo video?

On all videos

There was an assumption that this is not your problem. Opened chrome in the browser, the same situation.

Had a few playtests I think they pushing people to use the app rather than play via web browser, since I got a few redirections to the google play store.

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