"On the fly" translation on desktop & mobile


I have just joined the Brave community, after many years with Chrome, after learning about Manifest V3.

So, I’m looking for several features that I miss,
For example, would it be possible to add on both desktop and mobile the possibility to translate “on the fly” a web page, by clicking on a contextual menu on desktop or by going to the “…” menu of the mobile application?
This very useful feature is present on Chrome as well as on Opera on iPhone and on desktop.
I tried to install the Google Translate extension on the Brave version for Mac, but it doesn’t work very well: you have to select the text little by little in the page to translate it. You can’t translate the whole page and there are often bugs where the translation bubble doesn’t appear.

Is this the right place for this request or should it be posted on Github?

Many thanks for all the work done for this great browser.


Google translate should work properly. Check the settings for google translate extension.

You can also try brave own translate feature recently launched.

Or other translate extensions like Deepl, Lingavnex etc

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I had to go into brave://flags/ to enable International Translate Engine (brave-translate-go). Once I did that, I was able to use the built-in translator from Brave.


Thank you for your answers.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me (neither in French nor in English)
I have activated the option in brave://flags
I checked the settings in brave://settings/languages (see screenshot)

I even tried it on the website in the link of @chh_68 's post and it doesn’t work for me :frowning:
The option is not displayed in the address bar as shown in the screenshot.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Have you rebooted the browser since you activated the flag?

@cynical13 yes, absolutely :confused:


I see google translate in your screenshot. Disable it for small amount of time.

Do not block scripts (javascript) either via brave shield or UBO.

Or create a completely new blank profile for this test. Change the settings again to offer translation. Reverse any changes made to brave://flags as it was in default mode.

Hi @chh_68 !

Many thanks for your help.
I just disabled Google Translate and it seems now to work ; even if I thought that was Brave that asked me to activate Google Translate extension.

I hope now that this option will be ported to mobile app :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a nice day

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