On PC sponsored ads appears but not rewards. Rewarding Brave ads pops very rarely

Actually the topic. Last time I saw a pop window was yesterday and it was only one time. The sponsored images appears on wallpapers but they are not rewarded at all:

What OS/Brave version are you using?
Kubuntu 21.04
Brave V1.21.76
Please copy/paste the top 3 lines of your brave://version page

Brave 1.21.76 Chromium: 89.0.4389.86 (Розробка) (64-розрядна версія)
Редакція 0c2dac31bc21e806a791641316e99920f84ea52c-refs/branch-heads/4389@{#1472}
ОС Linux

hello @Gannet

please check this one

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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But I didn’t got rewards since yesterday. And even yesterday I got only a few ads 4 during several hours, after which there were No rewards at all. Today is also no rewards and no splashing pop-ups. There were no such issues last two months. I am just reacting to contrast between what was and what is.

are those 4 from notification ads ?

for the pop up on old version there was a rule that beside the hour limit which is 4 and 20 per day there was another max per each ads which will not show up but i was not sure if it for the life time of the ads in the system or per month or what

and also i am not sure if that rule apply to the latest update of the reward system

give it another 2 days if it still has issue i will ask one of the team to help you

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

No. All from ads on wallpaper. There were only one from pop-up window.

It would be great if there were some window in browser which would show a number of total maximum ads possible per current month or per current week etc. In such case a lot of questions would be closed from a lot of users in this forum. Cause last month situation with ads were completely different then this month. So it is natural that a lot of questions appearing because as I understood significantly fewer awards have been allocated for this month compared to the previous one.

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i do not think they would release such info as the more info on how reward system work in the background would make people come to only harvest the ads then the advertiser would see that their ads not displayed to the one who they targeting which would end that they stop promoting in brave which in the end would turn the ads system down

Strange thoughts. Because now I wouldn’t say rewards working correctly. This is more looks like we should watch ads but we will be rewarded for viewing it only when they will decided. So we see for example 10 ads in a two hours but only 4 of 10 is rewarded. This is not fear I think. But currently It works exactly like this.

The Rewards system is working but it’s not without bugs. These bugs are constantly being addressed and fixed. Further, you may find it useful to read through our existing documentation to learn more about how the ads system works – for example:

:point_up: As stated, you are not guaranteed to see any number of ads (that is, ad notifications) at any time for a variety of reasons. Further, given the variance, this will change from day, to week to month depending on many factors, most of which are outlined in the document above.

As for your NTP sponsored images – there is a limit on how many of them you can view and earn from per day, currently set to 20. Subsequent viewings of NTP sponsored images will not not earn BAT until the next day.

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Your last sentence explains my current state: seeing ads (on a wallpapers) but without rewards. Also there were pop-up ads which I clicked but also were not rewarded which looks like a bug. Thanks for explanations.

So your estimated earnings then for the month are 0?

I didn’t said I get 0. I said I am receiving ads but not all of them are rewarded - only a small part of all showed to me. And I noticed it because last month it was different. Last month it was more like four for every hour but this month is like four ads per several hours or even per day.

As I pointed out in my previous reply, what you’re describing is not evidence that anything is necessarily wrong. Ads may appear at different/inconsistent rates based on a number of factors as stated in the Help Center document linked above.

I have been facing the same issue for the past 2 months but have gotten no help at all. Besides no pop-up ads (it’s OK since this is not a guarantee), my wallpaper ads are not credited with BAT PLUS I haven’t received any payment for 2 months, and my next payment is stated as MAY, instead of April. And even for May, I am doubtful that I will receive my BAT.

Basically, the ads section of the browser is broken for me. It only worked for the first two months after installation.

I am on Win10 and have taken troubleshooting steps such as forcing notification and reinstalling the browser but nothing worked.

I can confirm that on Linux the new tab sponsored ads are not counting towards the estimate BAT rewards. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04+, with the latest updates as of today and so with the Brave Browser.

Ads show in the new tab page, but none is registered in the “Estimated Earnings”, nor accredited later. I’ve been checking this for the last month, and only the pop ups/notifications are counting.

Take it easy, guys. All this is normal. It’s not a bug but feature. :nerd_face:

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