On OSX Command shortcuts work correctly only in the URL bar while using the "Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘" layout



The “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘” keyboard layout on OSX, in which normal keys are arranged by the Dvorak layout, but Command shortcuts still use QWERTY, is not supported correctly by Brave, except in the URL bar.

To reproduce, try pressing Command+C (the QWERTY location) while using the “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘” keyboard layout. It should invoke Command+C (Copy), but instead invokes Command+J (the Dvorak J is on the QWERTY C key).

This bug probably occurs in other keyboard layouts, not only “Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘”.


Hi @zajo,
Thanks for reporting. It’s been a known issue for the current Brave (0.24). And this issue will not be fixed for the current Brave. Keyboard shortcuts don’t work when the keyboard is not English · Issue #11908 · brave/browser-laptop · GitHub

However, brave-core, v1.0 that coming this year and will replace the current Brave have no this issue. If you want, you can try the early beta version of brave-core.

Note that this version may have missing features, more bugs, etc. And some resources to get started with the Beta version:

Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community

Additional resources:

Brave Software Twitter
Brave Support Twitter
BATProject Reddit


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