On my windows PC my 3.4 BAT is gone, it is reset to 0.110 again

I have Brave on my PC and had over 3.4 BAT. My auto contribute is OFF.
This morning the BAT was still counting over 3.4, but this afternoon it is gone.

Same thing happened to me :confused: it is 4th time now

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Once i lost 1 bat i never got it i earned again hardly it gone but came back (not the lost one the 1 bat) now its happening again i dunno whether they come back or not

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I saw that happening on my cellphone.
My amount goes down and next time i see my normal amount back.
The amount of received adds stays the same. At this moment 361 adds and 3,630 BAT on the cellphone. Sometimes the BAT amount drops, but the amount of received adds stays the same.

But on my PC it is back to 0.110 BAT. Lost all my BAT, and it is not coming back.

When you first return my BAT with 25 extra BAT for inconvenience, I will send you 1 BAT. :innocent:

no worries, I got my BAT back on my cellphone. And just this moment, i saw my BAT restore to normal amount again.
Seems to be a glitch of sorts.

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