On mobile: search -> click on link -> go back -> search term is gone from search bar!

Like the title says. When I click on a search result (opens in same tab by default) and then go back from the that website to the results, the search term is gone from the input field. This is “new”, maybe has been like this for the last week or so. So I can’t just make a small adjustment to my search term, I have to enter it all again. I would like to keep the search term, like it does on desktop.

Tested with Firefox on Android (forgets search term) and Firefox on Windows (keeps search term).

This actually seems to only be an issue with FireFox specifically — Brave, Chrome, Edge and Samsung browsers all retain the search term as you would expect. I’ll let search team know about this but I’m not convinced that the issue is on our side.

Thank you for reporting.

You’re right, it works in Chrome. Interestingly, it also works in mobile Firefox when you refresh the search result website at the end. I’ll file a bug with Mozilla.