On Desktop Computer - haven't received April rewards, can't verify account AND thinks I'm in another region?

I think this has been going on since April rewards were supposed to go out. I have Brave on my iOS, Laptop (Macbook Air), and Desktop (Mac). Everything was fine and I was paid my April rewards and am verified on my Laptop. My Desktop is a different story:

On a blank tab, it’s showing my old token balance and progress to be paid in April (which I never got). In the rewards section, it’s showing nothing and whenever I try to verify myself, it won’t do anything when I click on the unverified button. Under “Brave Private Ads” it says “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.” I’m in the United States and I’m verified and everything on my laptop. I can’t figure out where Brave THINKS I am to change that message and maybe correct everything?

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