On brave a site will not work properly but on chrome it does

on brave the site below does not show “see more” but chrome does

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I see it when I open the page. Do you have Javascript turned off on your browser? Have you tried changing the shields on that page to see if it’s something blocked by your privacy settings?

Yes this works just fine for me as well. It may be a Shield setting you have configured a certain way (as @cynical13 suggests) or it could be an issue with the site data and/or an extension you have installed presently.

none of this worked. i think i turned shields off, but please tell me how to be sure. thank you

i think i have shields turned off but please tell how to be sure. what sort of extension would it be? thank you.

I would test this out by creating a new test browser profile, visiting the site and seeing if the behavior is the same in the new profile.

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