Omni Search and customizable UI and Bookmark feature Request


1.I like Chrome Feature for omni Search. Where you start typing amaz hit tab 2 time and write shoes then it will search shoes in amazon directly.Insted of typing :a and then search.

2.Also would like to have option to place address bar below tabs.

3.Also i like in chrome when i select not to display bookmark.It always shows bookmark toolbar for new tabs.One you type of go to any address bookmark toolbar disappear. Can we have this feature in Brave as well.

  1. Reading Mode- where Tab and address bar hide only website content is being displayed.


Hi @goyatparmod,

For #1, Brave have Engine Go Key (you can see it on about:preferences#search). You can type :a shoes in URL bar, and it will open Amazon and search for shoes.

#2. Maybe related issue:

#3. I’m not sure about this. Can you give more info? cc @sriram or @LaurenWags

#4, There’s an open issue for this. I added your comment to the GH issue. You can track the progress here

Hope this can help.
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Thanks for reply.

  1. I know i can use a: for amazon search. I don’t want to remember shortcut for each site search. Chrome offer batter solution where you type site name and hit tab it will served as in site search. I wish we can have same in Brave.

#3. If you want to check this feature just use chrome. Disable bookmark toolbar then open new tab and see the behavior or bookmark toolbar. Before and after opening any site.


@goyatparmod if I am not wrong, You will have to setup the custom search engine in Chrome with the query string. This step is not required on Brave. There is a request for custom search engines to be added and we have an issue to tack here

Regarding the bookmarks bar shown on new tab even when disabled would be quite impossible since the bookmarks bar is above the tabs bar and would require complete redesign of tabs bar and bookmarks bar. cc: @brad for thoughts on the bookmarks bar


Thanks for Reply.

No Search engine is native to Chrome. Earlier it was not in Chrome. Last screen shot was from chrome settings. I don’t know which release they have added it.I haven’t installed anything plugin or extension. Its a very useful feature just 2 tab and you can search with in that site.Try yourself installing Chrome.

Same with bookmark this feature i feel is nice UI design. Appreciate if those will be part of Brave.