Old system had hardware issue. How do I transfer my BAT from old system to new system. I have the old hard drive

I exported my old wallet key and config several months ago. My old computer died (power supply dead) and I already had new hardware for a new system. I restored the wallet on the new system but it has 0 BAT. I had to start from scratch. I still have access to the old drive, but don’t have a system to boot it in. How do I recover my BAT? Why didn’t the exported key work? Can I copy anything from the old drive to recover the missing BAT?

Hi @cbass64, Welcome to Community!
The recovery key can only restore pending BAT. To backup your BAT you need to connect your wallet to Uphold. Can you confirm whether or not you connected a verified Uphold account to your wallet?

I had not yet connected my account to Uphold yet. I thought there was a minimum of 250 BAT required. I had ~210 BAT so I wasn’t quite there yet. I don’t understand why it would only backup pending BAT…that seems rather useless. So, if I don’t have an Uphold account yet, I am just out all the BAT I have earned over the last year or more?

Hey @cbass64,

I think you have been misunderstood, the required bats to verify Uphold is only 25 BATs not 250!

Also the minimum bat threshold is for Android users only.

To recover bats from disk, you can try this :-

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Any solution for Android users?

Thanks for this info. The first thing I did was copy the C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default to my new system, and this did restore all of my bookmarks, but not the BAT. The only Profile that exists on the new system is Profile 1. Should this be the profile that has the BAT? I don’t see a profile called “Default”.

Also, I have only ever used Brave on my PC, so I know the minimum BAT existed for PC as well as Android. Maybe they removed it at some point. I 100% remember trying to sign up for the Uphold account and it told me I didn’t have enough BAT yet.

Quick update. I uninstalled Brave completely on the new system. Reinstalled it and closed it as soon as it launched as part of the installer. Then I copied the same files over from C:\Users[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default and it worked this time!

I have my 248 BAT back! Woohoo! Thanks for the reply ShineWhine…it prompted me to try it again with a clean install.


Happy to help :slight_smile:

Now link Uphold with your wallet, for PC users there’s no minimum threshold to connect/verify uphold with brave wallet.

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I linked the wallet to Uphold as soon as I saw the BAT were there again :slight_smile: Thanks.

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