Old Reddit redirect old.reddit

Wanting to see if redirect feature that seems to be true on iOS Brave can be added to Android.

iOS exanple here: Custom Redirects in Brave Mobile?

Adding this would be very useful when trying to browse reddit without an account (private mode, browse anonymously, nsfw posts without the app). I have searched for this setting on Android within the settings and flags.

Main problems now is NSFW posts forcing you to use Mobile app when trying to view on new reddit, old reddit still allows that. Also, sometimes new reddit format will freeze and not allow you to scroll, switching the thread to old works every time.

Current work around is to edit the URL manually but anytime I go to a different page within reddit it requires me to manually edit it again. This is without a reddit account so I can’t force it to redirect on its own.

If extensions ever get added to mobile this could resolved as well but would be nice to have it built in.