Old phone = inaccessible BAT?

I’ve searched through a lot of similar topics so I suspect I know the answer but just to make sure…
I have an ancient Android phone that accumulated a decent amount of BAT but due to its age it’s unable to update from Brave 1.9.79 (I know you’re already laughing).
I’m guessing there’s no way to get the BAT off that phone.
There’s no way to link it to an exchange.
I can’t send tips.
I’ve recently set up an auto-contribute but I expect it will fail.
If there’s any other way to get the BAT out I’d love to hear it.
The BAT is inaccessible, isn’t it?

Well I don’t know if anything can be done. But is the manual tipping unavailable as well??!!

Better if we tag @SaltyBanana to assist.

In chrome://rewards I see my “real” balance.

When I attempt a manual tip, my wallet balance shows as zero.

I suspect that may be because, when I tap on the Rewards icon, I get the familiar message “The Brave Rewards server is not responding”.
That’s why I also expect auto-contribute will fail, but I’ll find out for sure in a couple of weeks.

Hi @LenSessions welcome to Community :wave:

Could you kindly submit a ticket to our Support form and reply to this post with your ticket number. From there we can provide further assistance.


Ticket #184453.
I suspect it’s a hopeless case, but we’ll see!

Hi @LenSessions

You can expect a response from us. Be sure to check your email for further instruction.


For the benefit of anyone who stumbles across this thread in the future and wants to know what happened next… I’d like to say that I’ve never received this level of service from any helpdesk before.
We’ve gone from what I was 98% convinced was a hopeless situation to a successful conclusion. That’s mighty impressive.

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That’s great to hear. If possible, could you share how they helped you with it?

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I wish I had some useful information to convey but frankly they just waved a magic wand and my “lost” BAT appeared in Gemini.
My only advice is that, when all seems hopeless, contact the helpdesk and you may be stunned by what’s possible.

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