Old email hacked and lost access - can I merge accounts via an admin/Brave employee?

So here’s the nightmare scenario that crypto folks dread. Phone porting scam attempt wound up shutting my previous gmail account (which was active for like 9 years) and getting me locked out of a ton of services. Huge pain in the butt.

I had setup and began working to verify my domain http://ournextblock.com on Brave last year before the hack and unfortunately wasn’t able to make it work with my existing hosting service. I forgot about it, until today and tried again. Though now I realize I cannot access my original account because I lost access to the email and I see now that a confirmation email is required. I created a new account under my new email, but when I tried to put my domain in (http://outnextblock) it said that domain is already associated with another account (my old hacked email I cannot access).

Not sure of the solution here - is it possible to merge two accounts or just delete an account and start fresh?

Thank you!

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copying @LaurenWags and @nvonpentz for assistance.

Hi @jrmoreau

I can take this to the team, but I am curious, you have two different links (ournextblock vs outnextblock) - can you confirm which one is yours?



I’m sorry to hear that. Since your publisher account does not have any verified sites associated with it, it is probably easiest to create a new account and verify your site from there. What do you think?

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Agreed. I wanted to do that, but when I tried to add my domain http://ournextblock.com to my new account, it said it was already registered with my previous email address account.

Interesting. Since ournextblock.com is not verified, you should be able to verify it from another account. Thanks for reporting this!

We will take a look, and I’ll post here when it is resolved.

Thanks for the support!

Lauren that was my typo. The URL is http://ournextblock.com/

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Oh man, tell me about it.

I had my Google account deactivated that had all of my Advertising certificates and partner history attached to it. I’m talking millions of dollars in verifiable data of my accomplishments with all of my performance metrics as well.

I also had not backed up my drive in awhile and unfortunately lost many custom dashboards and processes I developed over a couple months.

Google would not allow me to gain access to the account, and told me the data was already deleted. Right after that happened I pivoted my business over to blockchain and haven’t looked back since.

Hope your loss wasnt too bad!

sweet lord does that suck!

curious what your business is now?

as for blockchain - yeah I’m down the rabbit hole something heavy and thinking hard on what sort of platforms/tech can be built where data loss due to a centralized failure isn’t as devastating/possible.

Just checking in on this - wanted to ask if there’s any update?


Thanks for checking in. The issue should be resolved now. Try verifying ournextblock.com from your accessible account and let me know how it goes.

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