Old Android Device about to lose all earned BAT

I’ve been using two old Android devices to earn BAT through Brave Ads, and everything was fine until February.

However, Brave claims that as of the beginning of March, my devices will no longer be able to receive ads unless I upgrade my browser to a newer version. I attempted to upgrade, but my device was no longer upgradeable.

No ads, no BAT! Worse issue? I can’t do anything with the saved BAT.

I used to tip my favorite YouTube channel, but I’m no longer able to do so. I tried numerous times but couldn’t send a tip. It always reads “Unfortunately Brave has stopped” when I tap the tip button.

These devices are not linked to Gemini/Uphold. Anyway, it doesn’t make sense to open a Gemini account now that I’m no longer receiving ads and BAT.

How should I proceed? Is it possible to tip or transfer to my other devices that are still operational? I have a total of 17 BAT from these two devices that I cannot afford to lose.

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Honestly, I completely understand your frustration. I love the idea of rewards built in to a browser with a wallet sitting pretty. Unfortunately growing pains are apart of growth. When you find out let me know. I will be here searching with a browser that will not connect to any exchanges.

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