Okay, what is that? Have they started to send the bonus BAT they mentioned?

Okay, so today in th morning, I received 5 BAT that covered my gains for January (pretty much fully) but now, I got 4.99 more. I guess one is from my PC, doubled and the other one from Android (doubled, too). Amazing Stuff. I never doubted our dev team, but that’s too much!


I think those are BAT from January

I also received them yesterday

We’ll see when February BAT arrives


I would like some claritication on the breakdown of the BAT but they are too busy for that kind of minor matter. Just curious whether bonus were added on in those amounts also as mine just doesnt make sense. I average 9BAT a month, yet i had 1 payment of 0.6BAT earlier and rest didn’t come through until just recently. 1 of them seems like a regular amount and the 2nd double. Whats with the 0.6BAT and whats with the doubled payment? Is it the bonus or is it the missing BAT from the 1st payment… still cant complain, all up its more than a typical month by a few BAT


I really don’t know what’s going on.

I think the Brave rewards logistics are not working properly.

I currently have several unsolved cases:

  • can’t connect to Uphold some devices
  • imcomplete January rewards received
  • ads that have stopped arriving.

I wrote a DM to @steeven hoping that he will help me.


I know that this payment is from January 2022 because I received the email

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i’m still missing my (bonus)rewards

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@cmam (it feels like I’m quoting a nick from my own self!) I suppose your bonuses/other payments from different devices shouldn’t take longer to drop by. Might as well wait a bit longer? It seems odd you can’t connect wallets with Uphold if you have devices left available, and not seeing ads seems odd too,but DM’ing @steeven is our only chance to a solution that we have.

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I’m still waiting for a solution

Regarding your first issue, there is a 4 device limit with connecting/verifying to uphold. One of the most common reasons if you go dig around the forums is that whomever has this issue its due to them having reached the limit and thus cant verify any additional devices. There is a way to remove 1 (only 1 is currently allowed) device to add a new one but requires filling a form and submitting it, details such as all the wallet id of devices you want to keep. They’ll remove whichever one you didn’t list, or choose at random if more than 1 set of wallet id isn’t listed. I believe things such as wiping your device/resetting device or reinstalling browser (fresh) and trying to connect it to your uphold again will constitute as a new device being connected (as a new wallet id would be generated)

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I have already reached the device limit.

And I have made around 9 Wallet Unlink Request.
These requests have been answered and updated.

But still I can’t connect any new device.

I don’t understand what is happening.

Ok… but what was their response in their answers? Did they say they removed one for you to add another? And why 9 requests?

This is the answer

At this time I was able to Link Uphold again (Windows 10).

But soon the Ads stopped coming (in Windows 10) for more than 3 weeks.
The only solution I found was to Unlink again and Reset the Brave Rewards.
I also lost all the BAT that I had accumulated.

After Reset Brave Reward the ads came again.
But it won’t let me link back Uphold.

Similarly, it does not allow me to link the Android Nightly/Beta versions

Sorry for interjecting, but got paid already for February. Dunno if it’s a bonus payment again, since I use two devices for ad-viewing. Time will tell.

Hey, I’m still not earning BAT. There was a link but it’s not working anymore? Verification Uphold was also done but now pending?

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