Okay so, finally the shiit happened with me too....guess what? I lost my BAT

Well, guys this time I can prove it. As you can see below my total number of BAT in uphold and the number of bat shows at (Estimated pending rewards) is 4.136 BAT which was like a week ago as you can see in the picture below.

Now after a week or so, last night my total (Estimated pending rewards) was 4.667 BAT but when i checked today (10min ago) the (Estimated pending rewards) shows 2.667 BAT as you can see in the picture below.


So, respective @steeven & @Mattches can I have reasonable answers, please. I really believe in brave even after seeing problems with many people but I wasn’t expecting it will happen with me too. But it did and I’m afraid it will happen again.

Some of the other things are…

First, I didn’t get all the collected BATs from last month transferred to my uphold account which is fine, I can understand there is huge traffic and you need time for which I even shared my details.

there is another problem too with my creator’s account but I don’t wanna mention it rn and stick with the current problem as we can see above in the pictures…

Why aren’t you using your so-called Mining Browser Crypto Tab,
Which you were Spamming in various community Post, later Flagged and removed by Moderaters.


Lol, did you mean fake crypto tab Browser Mobile Mining which he was Spamming all around :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh yah you’re right…and look what your (not fake browser brave) did to me…and soon will do to you as well xD

Hi @rohanbalgotra,
Please see this post: