Okay a web site i use has become unusable on the new update


Im guessing compatibility has jumped out the windows but the site i am referring to is https://www.fimfiction.net/ (side warning nothing is bad about the site but if you hate Bronies take caution while seeing if i am having compatibility issues.)


Could you provide more details as to what has become unusable on the site? I am able to open the site and browser across contents


It freezes and and sometime if not most times crashes after i exit the page or log in i dont have any full idea of what is causing it i just know its happening.


Could you please provide the device details and Andriod version you are running. I don’t see any issues on my Android device running Android 5.0.1


Im running on a Nvidia Shield Tablet k1 and android version 7 so android N.


cc: @serg for comments


@Headphone what Brave version is on your device? I don’t see any issues as well on that website with my Android 7 device. The latest version is 1.0.16. Could you also check do you have any problems with Brave’s shields turned off? Thanks.


hey @serg im on the latest version and i turned off the shield and it works fine so im guessing its to do with that.


@Headphone, could you do a favor for us? Could you check what of the shields exactly does cause that problem? Thanks.


Ad-blocking and HTTPS everywhere seem to be the shields that are the cause i tested the one at a time on the defaults.


Okay mind change its not even the shield that is crashing the app and site @serg its something but i cant find out what and yes its the only site that does that.


@Headphone it looks like something device related. Does it work in Chrome without any problems?


Every browser kinda works chrome is the fastest but firefox,opera, and other popluar browser i have tried with adblock runs the site with no problem. So brave has a thing against nvidias software im guessing. And im talking about the app of course not you guys.


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