OffTopic question: is it possible to change the Dino Game from Chromium with another game and have it offline when there is no internet?

Obviously Chrome doesn’t have such an option because Google Chrome sucks and they don’t care about making a good browser, but sucking as much data from people because they are psychopatic megalomaniacs.
Buut, what about Brave? is it possible to edit the default Chromium and inject so to speak a different simple game? (pac-man, a mini chess engine game, Minesweeper and and snake?? you know the old snake game?)
these are just some suggestions, since Brave has a loot of cool features already, it would be cool to be able to download these games from the internet and to have them downloaded offline (like pick the one that you like in settings from the ones that you downloaded).

This would be an unique features since I believe that no other browser has this. and a simple game like Snake it’s easy to code in python, the code is pretty much online at this point, you’d just have to set up some variables.

What are your thoughts guys? Am I asking for too much? this is a suggestion not a request.
Free feel to disagree/ add your own suggestion :pray::pray:
I mean feel free.

Hey as of now I guess you can do this by downloading extensions from the Chrome web store. not sure if it has games like snake and others but give it a try!

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good suggestion but but…
As a normal citizen I have trusting issues when it comes to extensions from Chrome store.

it turned out that a bunch of them, even the ones that they were advertising on top of the others, stole people’s data. @MentalOutlaw made a video about this check it out if you want, it’s on Odysee and Iutub.