Offline seed phrase generation


I’m new here, I just started creating a wallet and through the wizard I wondered - why can’t I generate the seed phrase offline? Does anyone else think this could be a nice feature?

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I assume it needs to be connected to the block chain, since it’s based on block chain. Therefore needs to be connected to the internet. This is something I don’t know for sure or maybe something that’s not even true. I’ll tag along people who might know more. @Aman_M @Saoiray @rodrige

Oh it doesn’t! But it could, not sure why it doesn’t? Taggin @hub @DouglasHDaniel for an insight.

Just to be clear, are you talking about the recovery phrase? If so, I just had unplugged my computer from ethernet and made sure wifi was off. I then created a new profile and was able to start Wallet and generate the phrase. I then logged into the Wallet and chose Back Up Now to generate the phrase again.

Meaning you CAN generate the phrase offline.

And just in case you were speaking about importing the Wallet, I tried that too. So I deleted my Test profile and created a new one. Then instead of creating a Wallet, I told it to import. I put in the seed phrase from the Test profile and then it had me create a password. Everything happened successfully.

So now I wonder. What are you referring to and did you actually have any issue?

I tested this on Desktop. I don’t know which OS you used. It’s possible there’s some difference on Android or iOS, but I doubt it. So yeah, more information from you would be helpful.

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I think @Saoiray addressed the question quite accurately, but just wanted to add a note here in case you were referring to something else.

“Offline seed phrase generation” is commonly referred to the process of manually generating entropy using dice, pen, and paper. Here’s a post that explains the process:

It’s a fun exercise to really understand how seed generation works, but I do NOT recommend using this method for securing any real-world value. Humans are pretty bad when it comes to generating entropy.

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