Odd ads coming through

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**Description of the issue:
Getting weird ads such as singles in my area are looking for me. Or pishing like messages asking me to follow a link to get $300k. I have never received ads like this from brave and wondering if this is normal now. **

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.using brave mobile.
2.Have it running in the background

find out if these are normal ads. Or a way to stop those specific kind

Brave Version( check About Brave):1.5.4

running android 9

Additional Information:

Can you share a screenshot of what some of these ads look like on your end?

They are this style of ads

That does not look like a Brave approved ad – it’s more likely that you have notifications enabled for some site (intentionally or accidentally) that is now sending you these ads, or you may have some sort of other malware/device issue.

I would go to Settings --> Site Settings --> All sites and search for that website (which seems to be thegiftboxrewards.com) and clear any data/reset any permissions that may be set for it if it shows up. Additionally, I would run a virus/system scan on your device to ensure that you there’s no malicious software on your device.

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