October rewards not paid

I still haven’t received the October rewards
At this rate, friends, do not waste your time, it will not be sent when you earn high income, I can prove it to you, I sent messages many times, I did not receive any reply on the subject.
55 bats gone. Brave @steeven, @Mattches I sent dozens of messages and he didn’t even reply to one of them, I guess because of admins like you I got discouraged, I don’t plan to use it anymore


I didn’t receive mine ether, plus brave reward stopped working on some wallets. This whole thing just looks to keep getting worse and worse just scroll down the latest posts all we read is problems with brave rewards. i got some support on getting brave rewards working on one device again and was said that my device was automatically flagged for suspicious activity. Funny cause i think its kinda suspicious to flag my wallets on the day of payment so there’s an excuse that i wont be receiving payment because its lost… now look at the market its all down but BAT is up i wonder why…


likewise, my bat disappeared on payday.
I was also told that it was automatically marked as irregular activity.
but they don’t tell me how to fix it they don’t answer
i didn’t use vpn i didn’t do anything i was just using brave and i was very active i was using brave for 10 hours a day

Yeah i also asked why was my accounts flagged because i just use them normally and would like to avoid this happening every other month

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At least if they said why it happened, we wouldn’t make that mistake again. We don’t know our mistake, but we are banned for no reason and no information is given. I think very amateurs are in the admins

I’ve still yet to receive octobers as well. thought i may have broke something as this long of a delay seems unusual. Though im pretty new to brave in general so I have no idea tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

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October payout is all wiped out – november its saying payout will begin in 6 days…

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Yeah i didn’t get my October payouts ether, and the BAT was deducted from my browsers brave rewards. shall wait and see if i get November payouts…

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I guess we won’t be able to get October payments anyway I’m talking to steeven my account is automatically flagged by the system for irregular activity I don’t know why but

You may also be marked

who is this steeven and where can i find him? :stuck_out_tongue:

she is admin @steeven

it’s not she its he and he will contact you you cannot reach him except mentioning him and bro don’t worry you will receive it sometimes they do get delayed a little

yea ive seen delays on reddit and here from time to time when i was researching/beginning to consider the swap to brave.

i just feel like 2-3 months is quite a stretch to be behind. if thats not unheard of then sure, whatever i guess.

its less about missing some BAT and more about wanting to make sure nothing got screwed up or done incorrectly on my end. between verifying with gemini and the new brave wallet etc im new to crypto even and wasnt sure.

I didn’t receive the Brave ad rewards for October or November. If it’s just a matter of a delay, no big deal. I just wish I knew for sure if that’s what the issue is, or did I do something wrong? I set up my Brave wallet and I think that I linked it to my Uphold account, but I haven’t been able to verify that yet. I’m guessing that Brave is still working out some kinks? Anyway, if someone has some inside baseball on these issues, I’d appreciate hearing it.

@skoopyy I’ve removed the flag from your device.

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