October Publisher Payout Megathread

Hey everyone – suspensions are a sensitive issue with lots of personal data flying around, so as a rule we don’t discuss details about specific suspension cases on public channels.

Our support staff is tiny and we’re doing the best we can. It is normal to wait a few weeks to hear back. Account reviews are something we take extremely seriously and we want to be sure everyone gets a fair shot. This means it takes additional time to get through everyone’s case. If your account is under review, and you’ve already written in to suspensions@brave.com, please wait patiently. We appreciate your understanding on this!


The reason? meh)
They don’t care)

I will be really suprised if your account will be recovered)

everytime I try to explain my problem to one admin , they dont answer…

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My account has been restored - that means my payments for November will be paid in December


How do I know my account is under review ?

When will I get paid out? I was meant to get paid out on the 8th of November?

Good day.

Today a message appeared.

What does this mean for payouts?
Maybe this is a mistake and it will be fixed before December 8?

Thanks for answers.

I got thesame error. what does it mean?

Sir please help me. Why i am seeing this sms. Please help me sir. And not Only i but also there are many people who seeing this sms. Please help us.

can any admin help me out?

I replied to you just now @GypsyTano!

@aleksuk @xmamnun @w4y80212 we’re investigating this right now, I let the team know. It’s probably just a display glitch since we’re kicking off the payouts now. :slight_smile:

@aleksuk @xmamnun @w4y80212 If you’re getting the “You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle” message, it means that your BAT balance was credited to your account during the freeze period from the 1st-7th of December. Your BAT will be paid out to you the following cycle in January.

There was also a bug for some people where this message was displaying when it should not have been. Try doing a hard refresh on the publisher dashboard or clear your browser history for publishers; this might make the right balance show up.

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Hi my thingo says reviewing on the dashboard. Any eta when it will move onto the next step?

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Still waiting for August tips :frowning:

@mdees1 did you fully complete Uphold KYC?

Good evening. On the same day, instead of the inscription, Payout Progress appeared.

Some of my referral from September is not confirm even if they completed 30 days use of BRAVE…

yes i did, it says im a verified member. and i recieved SOME and not all of the pay out.
i don’t have the option to verify any further as i assume it is because i am fully verified?