October Publisher Payout Megathread

Payouts are still processing. If you aren’t paid within the next day or two, something went wrong :slight_smile: Check the original post to see if any of the exclusions might have applied to you, too.

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The last batch of grant payouts just went out, too – claim them from the Rewards panel!


I was supposed to receive over 4 BAT’s on Nov 5th and have not found them in any of my wallets, and my rewards have reset.

i got verified on uphold in october.
so when will i receive this months payout?
what if i dont receive any at all?

Hello! I had an amount of 332 BAT in the outstanding payments and they only paid me 149 BAT? I still have about 183 BAT pending and want to know what happens?

@M1x3 linked from the 1st post on this thread Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

Hello, so I should be paid out soon if its pending?

@Asad october 11 and still waiting for this small balance… and 2-3 tips i did not received. and refferalls … and everyday i am spending time at here like 1-2 hrs. i am curious that will you pay to us ? :confused: and i konw that you answering many ppl like that sorry but cmon i need answers. :frowning: i am using brave over 1 mounth… first payout and i did not receive lol.

Yeah im still waiting for my October payout… Its ridiculous! I am expecting about 700 bat or something for 15-30 confirmations…

suspensions@brave.com doesn’t answer, just sending simple bot’s replies

I think Brave is just one big Ponzi scheme which exists only to attract new user for another Chromium based browser

At least i haven’t seen any person with real payots.

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Gotta love how staff have no answer to our questions :slight_smile:

Good I still have not made the payment for the month of November or the delayed can check if I have something wrong?

There are clearly not enough staff members. Also, so many spammers here:(

Restating my issue:

I did not receive any ADD payout for October. It’s 11th of November 2019 now.

I made 5+ BAT by the end of October and those disappeared on 5th of Nov or so.

My new balance starting from 5th of November has been reset and those 5 BATs are gone.

I use no VPN, I live in UK, Uphold verified.

i have been a publisher for months now still i have not receive payout to my verified uphold wallet,

Dear Brave users and creators:

We sincerely apologize for the confusion regarding this month’s publisher/creator payouts, as well as this month’s Brave Ads earnings payout for users. The sheer volume of payments this month created a number of issues for us that we will be working hard to resolve.

Thank you for being patient. At this time, we believe we have made all of the needed payments. Therefore, if you are a creator and you did not get paid, email support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org with the subject title: “October Creator payment missing”.

In order to expedite your case, please include:

  1. Your creator email address
  2. Screenshots of your creator dashboard

qq. Is anyone experience publisher dashboard not updating?
I confirmed that I received the BAT tokens for the month, but the publisher dashboard still shows the previous month BAT. I am unable to see my as of date balance.

How about those who didn’t receive the Ads earnings? Who should we email?

We identified a few common issues related to Ads payouts - first, make sure none of the below applies to you:

  1. Anyone whose BAT balance has suddenly dropped or zeroed out should fully exit and restart the Brave client. Make sure to completely exit out of the program and try again. This should fix most of the cases here – if not, please let us know and we’ll dig into your account!
  2. Ads payouts have now fully completed (including retroactive Ads payouts from past balances). If you didn’t get paid, email us the details (see the below instructions on writing in).
  3. If you’re expecting an Ads payout you didn’t get, you may be in an unsupported region. Brave Ads payouts are only available to those residing in supported regions.

If you are a Brave browser user who did not receive your Brave Ads earnings (or, your earnings from previous months still have not been transferred to your linked Uphold account), and none of the above apply to you , please email us at ads-payment-issues@brave.com with the subject line “October Ads payment missing”.


Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to ads-payments-issues@brave.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

Whoops! Sorry about that. It’s ads-payment-issues@brave.com :slight_smile: not “payments”. My bad! :slight_smile: