October payout was larger then expected?

I thought I was only going to receive around 6 Bat for last month but got 9 yesterday!! :slight_smile: I of curse staked them for the interest already on gemini, but just Wondering if there is a larger payout depending on your user status? that would be a great update, or if its just the correct total and what I saw as a difference was from timing of the rewards tab close out, or if the reward box is more of an estimate and then the payout is on actuals -and some get lost in the rewards update we see on home page. anyway very happy to get about $10 a month right now from using BRAVE! Love it! This really can become a huge thing as more and more users join…


I usually get more than the estimated pending rewards. I believe it has to to with adjustments to incorrect BAT received from ads. For example, more often than not on new tab page ads, I get paid like 0.004 BAT or 0.09 instead of 0.005 or 0.010.


Its payment for uphold completed? I cant find the post . .

Yes, October is completed for Uphold and Gemini.

It says “payouts pending” for Brave Creators only.

Well, I still see "Payments Processing" for Uphold.

The post you linked is from Oct 5th.
There is a new one already.

No, No, NO.
It clearly says ’ This is a payout status update for the Brave Ads November payout.'

PS: I am still waiting for my Uphold payment for android

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@Sidd is right … The post is from 5 oct, but is edited 19 hours ago…

…so…are not conpleted …

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Yeah, I don’t know where this post is linked to. Because it was automatically pinned at the top of my layout. But here is a screenshot. Only Brave Creators accounts are pending. The other ones were done though.

They aren’t done, just unpinned because most payments may be done and only some are left. Also, to pin the creator’s status.

Okay =)

This is confusing though.

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@Sidd now, the payment shows as copleted…but we still didnt receive the full payment:))

Yeah, need to get help then. :frowning:

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THanks I noticed that as well, but couldnt figure out why-your answer makes perfect sense since I am always clicking links to check them out–find some cool metaverse games that way sometimes

Hello, how do you get $10 a month? What do you do? I hardly can get $2…

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Might be based on region and better availability of ads. @NevesCorvo

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It is not the case that sometimes we are rewarded 0.004 BAT for a 0.005 BAT Ad or 0.009 BAT for 0.01 BAT Ad. It is just that Rewards display has 3 desimal precision while Browser stores BAT upto 4 decimal precision. image

Eg. If Rewards display shows 4.267 BAT, you might have 4.2665 BAT and if you get 0.005 BAT for an Ad; your earning will become 4.2715 which Rewards display can show as 4.271 BAT, implying that you have got 0.004 BAT (4.271-4.267 BAT).

BAT has 15 decimal precisions! So payout will not be affected by rounding off display error.

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I use it daily at work, and click all the ads I get

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Hello @bbrown9506 Brittan Brown. This is your boss. I expect you to work and not click ads :joy: just joking!


even better when working and making side money lol

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