October payment missing

Good morning. I’m still missing the rewards payment from October.
I don’t mind waiting but I’m finding it odd because I’ve already receive the October payment from my other computer
Can you look into this?


Same problem here unfortunately.

My post is here.


Yes. I’ve seen my posts with the same issue. but I saw that payments have already been processed. That’s why I created this ticket

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Hola, tengo el mismo problema, el pago del mes de octubre no se me ha registrado, incluso no se muestra en mi billetera brave.
Alguien tiene alguna idea de que se puede hacer?

Hello, I have the same problem, the payment from October has not been registered for me, it does not even show in my brave wallet.
Anyone have any idea what can be done?

I’m still waiting for a response. @steeven can you take a look?
I’ve also stop receiving ad notification as well

same here… hoping to get resolve soon though. finger cross!

I was told my wallet was flagged and that it wasn´t possible to claim my BATS

Hi, same problem here. Also, there is no information about any BATS in the browser. Can anyone please shed light on this? Like the OP I have no problem with waiting, but after almost a month I’m a bit worried.


I have not received BAT for the last month and after Nov 7, the previous month’s BAT just disappered and my browser stopped receiving any ads.

My account was flagged as well, I’m still trying to get it resolve at the moment.

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What I find odd is that my account is also linked to another PC and there I’ve received everything on time and the ads are still popping up

HI @tvpotter, please DM me your wallet ID. Thank you.