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I use OBS (open broadcaster studio https://obsproject.com/) and similar products to record and stream footage when i’m working on mapping preparations for various Virtual Table Top groups. Chrome and Brave seem to handle the HTML5 canvas for the creation tools I use (http://roll20.net). My guess is due to the hardware acceleration in them.

How ever when I need to capture the process for what ever reason. I have to switch over to use firefox. As only it will properly capture with out having to record/capture my entire screen. When you try and capture the brave window. You get only a blank output.

I’m hoping someone can look at the code for either and see what might be able to be done to support the capture process.


Just want to say, I also have this issue. I wanted to use OBS to capture an SVG animation I was working on.


Which OBS version and which OS?

I’ve been using 20.1.0 on MacOS with either Window capture or Display capture and have not had such output issues for local recording. (Streaming is another issue, I tend to use Gameshow for that, but also wasn’t focused solely on Brave for that.)

I should note that I :heart: OBS and use it all_the_time for usability testing.

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