NYTimes/Wirecutter comments think cookies are disabled

Description of the issue:

On any Wirecutter article under nytimes.com/wirecutter, comments are disabled, with a message that I have cookies turned off for that site. I do not.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to any Wirecutter page, for instance https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/money/editors-favorite-deals-october-prime-day-2023-1010/

  2. Bottom of page, instead of comments section, has a box reading " Comments are disabled. We respect your privacy. Comments are disabled because they require cookies and you’ve opted out of cookies for this site. You can change your cookie preferences to enable comments." That link goes to an information page about the NY Times privacy policy.

  3. Disabling Shields, ensuring cookies are allowed, and changing every combination of settings in the Shields window all have no effect.

Expected result:

Show full comments section as intended.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

I’m on MacOS, up to date. This issue was reported and marked “closed” here in December 2020, but it was never fixed for me. I am able to use comments normally in other browsers on the same computer.

I have cleared all settings related to nytimes dot com, wirecutter dot com, nytimes dot com slash wirecutter, and disqus dot com (which is the comment system they use).

The problem happens with all my extensions disabled. The problem happens in a private window, and in a private window with Tor.

Actually, it does work. You just missed one step, which is that you have to clear cookies for the site after making those adjustments, then refresh and it will be there. It just had been keeping the cookie from prior setting, which was that it was blocked. Once you clear it, should be good…as you can see by things having loaded in my screenshot below:



So did the above, which had below come up. Though initially it didn’t show Disqus, it was just NYT. Once I hit the trash can to delete and then refreshed the page, it all loaded. The new cookies added here are for Disqus.


I cleared my nytimes and disqus cookies, and I still can’t see comments. No change.

I made sure my settings are identical to the ones you show; the UI is slightly different, probably because I’m on a Mac and you aren’t, but with identical settings to yours, I still can’t see comments. No change.

These settings, copied from your reply, are in fact more restrictive than I had when I first posted.

Just to be clear, did you hit the trash can on all of these and then exit? If not, that’s what I was saying you had to do as otherwise the site was keeping the cookie that was saying cookies are blocked.

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