NY State users can't use Uphold

I would be willing to sign up for an Uphold account if they would let me, but they aren’t licensed in NY yet. Is there a way I could specify a Gemini wallet instead? I didn’t see any mention of a way to do that.

Could I instead get paid out to a hardware wallet? I saw a place to connect one, but it seemed to indicate that it couldn’t be used for rewards.

Thanks in Advance

Brave rewards is currently ONLY limited to uphold. They’re planning to bring Gemini connectivity in the future i believe. Till then you have no option but to either hold onto BAT till they allow other exchanges, or simply create a creator account, tip yourself the money, and connect the creator account to gemini( which is supported for creator accounts). Only tip the BAT rewards. Self tipping Promotional grants WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT BANNED.

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