NWS Time Series Viewer does not finish loading

Brave won’t finish loading NWS Time Series Viewer

Spinning busy icon, page won’t load completely, loads fine in Firefox

Works for me in Brave version 1.43.93 (Release) and 1.45.68 (Beta) with Shields up and Block scripts disabled. I am on a win10 desktop.

Please provide your Brave and OS version found at brave://version which will help another community or Brave support troubleshoot.

Things you can test now to troubleshoot:

  1. Clear history/cache for all time on the advanced tab at brave://settings/clearBrowserData, exit browser, and reopen.
  2. Test in a new private window. If this works, may be an indicator that an extension is causing a problem.
  3. If you do use extensions, try disabling all extensions. If able to access site, can turn extensions back on one at time to try to pinpoint which extension may be interfering.
  4. Create a new profile to see if the problem occurs in a new profile.
  5. See if the problem still occurs in Beta version.

I’m thinking cache or an extension may be causing a glitch. So, you might want to try the first three suggestions above and see if that solves your issue. Hope one or the other does work for you! Please post and update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great support @Chocoholic.
@dav1d on my end, the link you left seems to work properly, so there is a good chance one of @Chocoholic’s suggestions will work for you in resolving this issue. Please let us know what you find out.

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Thanks, Downloaded and ran BraveBrowserBetaSetup.exe Brave version: 1.3.65, Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044
None of the troubleshooting suggestions made any difference. Still just the spinning busy icon.