Nvidia shield and youtube

First of all thanks for everything brave is just an amazing browser and i use it acros all my platforms.
I recently bought a Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 and the first thing i did, was instaling Brave on it since i use brave on my Amazon firestick withouth anny isues, only that it is a bit slow. And on Nvidia Shield i can’t seem to make youtube work… Sometimes if i disable addblocker it works and sometimes nothing helps.
Youtube loads but if i click on a video i only get sound and the image looks like its refreshing 5 times a second.
If annyone have the same problem or know something that helps it would be apreciated.

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Could you go and disable Hardware acceleration in brave settings?

Abd how do i do that?

Go to brave://settings/system, you’ll see it there.

I am using brave android version i can’t do that there… Only on pc version as far as i know.
Sideloaded brave on nvidia shield and a usb dondle for keyboard and mouse

oops. my bad. I thought nvidia shields was something for PC.
Could you clear the cache for brave ?
Also try clearing cookies and other website data.

Still nothing, i had to set everything back up again and log back on

Does going to brave://flags and enabling vulkan help ?

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It does help do disable brave add block and leave it run until u get image and then enable add block again and it works… I am curios for how long thou

hmm. @rodrige @Aman_M would you have anything to add that could help ?

Disabling vulkan seems to help but i still need to test it a bit more

Though I’ve no experience with Brave on TV sticks but gad that Vulkan helped. And withould Vulkan does it work with Brave Shield on too? Neverthless, if the isuues persists, do post an update.

So i can confirm now that disabling Vulcan helps with starting YouTube videos.
The next issue is that sometimes i can’t seem to get it to run in full screen, only theater mode, i pres on full screen button and nothing happens.
Closing the browser and opening it again helps thou.

Upgraded to the last version of Brave and now it’s not working anymore… Disabeling Vulkan does not help anymore

Maybe disabling Vulkan and enabling it again could help?

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