NVDA screen reader and brave shields


Because I am blind I use Brave with the NVDA screen reader. I have read online that I can disable addblocking and Brave Shields in general for the current site in the Brave Shields panel, but I cannot manage this with NVDA. I do see options to allow or deny scripts, for example, but no option to disable addblocking or Brave Shields. In the settings I can disable addblocking for all sites. Does anyone know if it is possible to disable addblocking and / or Brave Shields for only the current site with NVDA? For clarity, because I am blind I only work with the keyboard. I use Brave 0.63.48 with NVDA 2019.1.1 and Windows 10 Ver1809 (64-bit) build 17763.437. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for reaching out. The Shields settings you’re looking for can be found by clicking the lion icon in the address bar to reveal your Shields panel. Here you’ll find per-site Shields settings.

I think he’d like to be able to disable the Brave Shields using the keyboard.

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Thank you so much to tell us about NVDA through these sources.

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You’re absolutely right, thank you @MediaBird.

@artindk, apologies for the misunderstanding. I’ll file an issue on our Github to include a keyboard shortcut for this. Thank you for reaching out with this!

OK thanks for your help.


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