Number of Running Executibles on default install

I have a default install of Brave with no Extensions or add-ins currently installed. I see a total of 11 copies of brave.exe running in memory. I understand why browsers separate out the various apps in case one fails; but with no extensions or add ins installed I am wondering where I can get a list of what apps are running by default that are using these 11 separate copies of the executable. More importantly can I shut some of them down via the settings or other configuration?

I’m not sure about this. Let me cc @Mattches for assistance here.

When the browser open, you can use Shift + Esc to open browser’s task manager. Brave also have built-in “extensions” like Shields, Rewards, Sync, etc.

As @eljuno said, can you open the Task Manager in browser and share a screenshot of all the different Brave processes running?

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This is happening to me too. Why so many open connections? I ran a malware scan and it disabled all except for 2 of them. A thing to note, Firefox was doing this as well. I would like to be able to identify this issue. Also, this browser is using Chrome? Which is a tracking tool of Google’s? How much tracking are they doing through Brave?

@321KDK @bfisher68 Chromium is not Chome. More

I did not know they were leveraging Google Chrome. I don’t have Chrome installed; are they leveraging some Chrome function that is installed I am unaware of? If they are then that completely discounts this product from being used by me. Any company or browser leveraging anything Google and claiming publicly to be “private and Secure” would a Huge red flag for me. I can see how Google seeing its browser use decline because everyone thinks they are corrupt and tracking everything they do to make money creating an alternative in name only. Not pointing any fingers Brave…

All browsers use separate memory threads for apps, extensions, pages, etc. The theory is that if one crashes it doesn’t take down the entire browser; but it turns them into huge memory hogs; especially if you are person who likes to open 30 tabs.

That’s Windows Task Manager @bfisher68. I’m asking about Brave’s Task Manager (Shift+Esc).

I’ve a fresh install on my machine, and it’s more or less have 11 processes like yours. So I think it’s expected (?).

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Thank you that is good information.

@eljuno is correct.
Additionally – as he linked above, it’s worth reading through the thread here on Community a well as our wiki post on how we deviate from Chromium – further, please recall that Google Chrome is Google’s proprietary web browser. Chromium is the open source engine that their browser runs on. Many browsers run on the Chromium engine, including Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, Slimjet, and many more.

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